Spice Trip with Paulami

Spice Trip with Paulami is het account van Paulami die jou graag laat kennismaken met de Indiase keuken en de vele kruiden die daarin gebruikt worden. Dagelijks deelt Paulami foto’s van haar gerechten. Nooit eerder was zij zo met eten bezig als nu. Door haar komst naar Nederland mistte zij namelijk echt Indiaas eten. Door te koken met kruiden en deze te mengen, krijgen de gerechten volgens haar veel meer diepgang en smaken. Ik ben benieuwd naar het verhaal achter de naam Spice Trip with Paulami en heb haar een aantal vragen gesteld! De antwoorden zijn in het Engels, want dat is voor Paulami makkelijker. 


Kennismaking met Paulami en Spice Trip with Paulami

My name is Paulami and my online name is Spice Trip with Paulami. I love FOOD and I think any food when mixed with spices has a different layer and depth of flavor. And not many agree with it, but I do 😛 But yes what most people have eaten as Indian food here in the Netherlands is also not real Indian food 🙁 And one funny thing is I never spoke so much about food before moving to the Netherlands. I moved here in April 2017 and since then I keep blogging and talking about food always.


Gebrek aan echt Indiaas eten

Since I moved to the Netherlands I realized the lack of understanding of real Indian food. It is not just Naan Bread, or Butter Chicken or Paneer Tikka. No one eats that at home in India everyday, maybe once or twice a month. Indian food is very simple and easy to be cooked and honestly anyone can cook it too. Not as complicated as baking a bread. Because when you cook Indian you don’t need to use a weegschaal, it is all about your intuition.

Spice Trip with Paulami Amritsari Kulcha


Spice Trip with Paulami, koken met kruiden

Jouw drijfveren? To bring the goodness of spices. Spice is not always spicy or hot. There are hot and warm and mild spices and some with no taste but each one of them have health benefits and yes it helps with adding flavor to any food even a simple carrot soup. That is why I keep talking about it everytime.


Wat Paulami deelt en uitstraalt op haar social media

I share every day Indian recipes, dishes that I cook at home. Also Indian restaurants in and around Netherlands so that people get to know what they could try if they visit. And yes I share a lot about my upcoming cooking workshops. Wat wil je uitstralen? Understanding there is food beyond what is known here today. I want everyone to be able to cook it at home and not to always visit a restaurant for a meal. and it is a paradise for vegan and vegetarian foodies.

Spice trip with Paulami Daal Palak 2


Spice Trip with Paulami onderscheidingsvermogen

I don’t think there are enough people doing what I do here. But if you cross the English channel you will meet more than 2000 bloggers doing what I do in the UK. So for now I am safe. But yes I am also teaching people how to cook and not just write recipes which is a great way to interact as well.Cooking with minimum Oil and sugar to get the best flavor is gezond genoeg for me.


Waarom kennismaken met jou?

To see how diverse the cuisine is, we also have Indian version of stamppot, croquette and poffertjes. Isn’t that cool! and everyone should know that :).


Hoogtepunten en dromen van Spice Trip with Paulami

Hoogtepunten: Conducting workshops for the last 1 year all by myself in a country where I don’t really speak the local language. I think everyday is a success story! Dromen/doelen/wensen: To conduct more cooking workshops, demonstrations, TV Shows, Private dinners and get more and more people know about the food that they can all cook at home easily. And yes maybe in 5 years from now launch my own brand of spice mixes for easy cooking.


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